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Keeping In Touch - Welcome Back

Welcome back!!!

We hope your semester has gotten started with a minimum of craziness! There are a few things that AFT Part-time Faculty United would like to let you know about:

  • I would imagine you have the news that Lynne Glickstein, the awesome past-president of the Union, has accepted a full-time teaching job at VVC. Justin Mott is our new president, and we are excited about going forward to represent you in all your needs.

  • Our contract negotiations are going great. You can expect to vote on the in the near future. I think you will like what you see!!! This is another really, really good reason to join the union; only members can vote to ratify the contract, but it affects us all. Remember that just because monies are taken out of your check for the union, it does not automatically make you a member. If you haven’t filled out the forms or can’t remember if you have or not, please contact Ian, our office manager extraordinaire at (760) 245-4271 Ext. 2125 or, and he will let you know if you are a member. If you aren’t, he will be happy to let you know how to fix that oversight :)

  • ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: We send the ballots out by “snail mail,” so if you have moved in the last year or so, please check with Ian to make sure we have your correct home address.

  • Save the date for our Fall Gathering (November 10). We have a fun Casino Night planned with lots of good food, fun, and prizes! We will also be voting on a revised copy of the by-laws and constitution.

  • The popular e-mail giveaways are starting today and will run every Monday after that. Check your e-mail because you just might be a winner!!

  • Speaking of checking VVC email address, be sure to do it often. Not only do you get awesome letters from me :) and others in the e-board, but you get invitations to teach from your deans and other important information.

  • It is important that you check your mailbox on campus also because you might need to do an evaluation to protect your priority list status. It’s VERY important that you do this!

  • If you are irritated with personal things on your VVC email, you can filter it by going to this site.

  • If you feel might have a violation of your contract, please contact Ian right away. We have strict deadlines that must be met so we can help you with any grievances you may have.

  • We still need lots of input from you, so please feel free to come to our next e-board meeting on September 8th at 10:00 in the AFT offices 17100B Bear Valley Rd # 113. We are in need of at least one more board member, so we will save a place just for you!

Please feel free to contact us about any concerns or just to say, “Hey!” We love that, too!


Justin T Mott | President |

Dorothy Reina | 1st Vice-President |

Joshua Briggs | Treasurer |

Cheryl Elsmore | Secretary |

Yolanda Austin | Vice President at Large |

Leontine Jefferies | Vice President at Large |

April Allen | Vice President at Large |

Bryan Asdel | Vice President at Large |

Ian Chainey | Office Administrator |

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