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Leaving Email Groups in VVC's OWA

Drowning in spam? It might be because you’re a member of public email groups. While some groups are helpful (such as the group AFT Local 6286 uses to broadcast announcements:, others inundate users with a stream of useless information. More than an annoyance, membership in the latter can lead to clogged inboxes, making it harder to find the emails that really matter. If you’d like to leave these groups, this tutorial is for you.

1. After logging into your VVC OWA inbox, click on the “Options” drop down menu located at the top right hand corner of the screen

2. In the drop down menu, click on “See All Options…”

3. Click on “Groups” located in the leftmost menu

4. Two lists will appear. “Public Groups I Belong To” contains all of your public groups

5. To leave a group, highlight it in the list by clicking on it

6. Then, click the "Leave" the icon

7. A dialog box will appear. Choose “Yes”

8. Repeat the previous steps for all other groups you want to leave. Once done, you can return to your inbox by clicking on “Mail” or “My Mail”

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