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CFT Convention Delegate Nominees


The delegate nomination period closed at 11:59pm on January 20, 2016. Four adjuncts have been nominated to attend the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) Convention. They are:

Josh Briggs
Rosyli Reveron
Lynne Glickstein
Yolanda Austin

As president, Lynne Glickstein was already an approved delegate. Josh Briggs is performing additional duties at the Convention and will have his way paid by CFT. That leaves Rosyli Reveron and Yolanda Austin as the two delegate nominees.

Since the nominee count did not exceed the total number of delegate (6) or alternate (2) spots, there will not be an election by secret ballot. Rosyli Reveron and Yolanda Austin have been selected as delegates to represent AFT 6286 at the CFT Convention.

AFT 6286

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